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Octagon & Mastercard

The Open 2022

St Andrews

The Activation Objectives

The activation was designed to give fans a picture to remind themselves of their experience at The Open which the would not be able to get under normal circumstances.

The activation acted as a vehicle for fans to sign up to the Mastercard One Club membership, understand and gain from the membership offers.

In addition each user had the option to add their image to a mosaic of all images building up form an iconic trophy image. Fans received a copy of their image and were prompted to share it on social media.

A Snapshot of the week


Sign-ups Across
the Week


Average Daily


Sign Ups

How it worked

User Flow

The User Journey.

Fans were taken through a simple step by step guide to taking their selfie using one of three images as the background.


The culmination
of the week.

During the event as images were captured they were added to a giant mosaic of The Open Trophy.


Social Engagement
sharing the love.

Fans were sent an email with their image and instructions on how to send it across social media channels

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